Dear friends,


Sorry we’re a little late with the newsletter this week. It’s been a busy few days at our house, canning tomatoes for marinara, salsa, and tomato jam. The hard work pays off though in a few months when we can have summer tomatoes in winter spaghetti dinners. Do you have any favorite summer fruits and vegetables you preserve? Share your ideas on our Facebook or Instagram! 


We hope everyone is still loving their flowers! Thanks to everyone for being so adaptable with changing pick-up locations and our Fourth of July shuffle.


Over the holiday, we took a family road trip to Atlanta where we discovered the Krog Street Market. Located in a restored warehouse, the market features locally sourced products including bath and beauty products, handcrafts, and foods such as meat, produce, and ice cream. Of course our favorite stall was the flower shop, French Market Flowers. Find them onInstagram french_market_flowers and you’ll see why we love them so. Their staff is super friendly and we were totally inspired by their approach to flowers… and life; a beautifully lettered sentiment written on a chalkboard behind the counter reads: 


We believe that locally grown flowers are amazing and heartbreakingly beautiful, especially those we grow ourselves. We love to embrace nature’s simple glory and design our flowers as if they were growing in the field and condensed into the perfect bouquet. 


Bravo, French Market Flowers! Our thoughts exactly. 


Seeing this thriving community of local producers and consumers, we were reminded of why we got into this business in the first place. Our farm is founded on the principles that shopping small and buying local is essential to the health of our economies, but also of our communities. We value getting to see your smiling faces each week at CSA pick-ups and at the farmer’s market. We are honored to be hosted by local businesses that, in turn, buy from local suppliers. Engaging in this matrix of social interactions and economic exchanges on a neighborhood level is one of the easiest ways to change the world. So, thank you all for taking part with us!


One logistical note: the farm family has a commitment on Monday, August 1st, and will be unable to deliver subscriptions that day. As an alternative, we’re prepared to have Monday subscribers’ flowers ready on Saturday, July 30th. Please let us know, either in person or via email, if you would prefer to pick up your flowers at M-7 or the High St. Farmer’s Market, so we can have the proper arrangements at the appropriate location. We need to know by Monday, July 25th at the very latest; if you don’t let us know by then, you’ll miss out on your flowers that week and nobody wants that. 


Thanks for keeping in touch! Over the past few weeks we have delivered flowers to restaurants (you can find us on the tables at La Brioche in Fondren!), special events (like Livingston Market's new Second Sunday gathering), and other markets in the area. It wouldn’t be possible without your generous recommendation of our flowers to family and friends. We are so grateful.  


Have a wonder-filled week,


Little Bluestem Farm