The email advertised a “Wedding Floral Design Workshop” led by Jim DelPrince, PhD., AIFD, PFCI at the MSU Coastal Research and Extension Center.  We had talked about expanding our skills and services here at Little Bluestem Farm to include weddings, and we had even had some inquiries, but I had dismissed the possibility until this opportunity appeared on the screen in front of me.  

     After consulting with the family, I took a chance and signed up. Then in late January, Michael and I made our way to the Coast — he, looking forward to a short vacation and I with some trepidation about being a “grower” in the midst of “designers.”  

     My anxiety heightened when Dr. DelPrince began the class by setting the bar high when he said, “Wedding flowers must be on time, and they must be perfect.”  I thought to myself, “I know about “on time” — but “perfect” I am not so sure about.” As a priest, I also know a little about how “on time” and “perfect” can be moving targets when it come to brides and weddings.  The class lasted for two days, and every moment offered new information to learn and opportunities to try new skills.  

     As the class unfolded, I realized that Dr. DelPrince was teaching us through helpful demonstrations, wonderful stories and skillful instruction, exactly how to achieve “on time” and “perfect.”  Of course, shaping those instructions into reality will take a lot of continued education and practice.

     We are currently participating in an online class focused on growing flowers for weddings. The class offers valuable and practical information about planning, growing and post-harvest tending of flowers for weddings and other special events.

     We are excited to be exploring new horizons, expanding our services and growing our skills so that we can offer the joy of our locally grown cut flowers in new venues.  We invite you to be a part of our adventure by sending photos of your favorite wedding flowers and by spreading the word that we will work hard to offer wedding flowers that are locally grown, affordable and of course “on time and perfect.” 

- Beth